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The History of Rap

Snoop Dogg FTW.

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DJ Kitty

Jacked this from Jessi.
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"Celeb" tweets

Best one of them all:

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Runner up because I love John Cusack (for no tangible reason):

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Sexy romance novel titles

I keep meaning to update my blog - I have an ever-growing queue of interesting websites bookmarked under my "Blog" folder on my computer, but I keep forgetting/not being able to find the time to actually write an update. This one was from one of my favorite websites, Go Fug Yourself. It's essentially a website which showcases the most ridiculous romance novel titles and plot lines to ever have been written in America. Sometimes I wonder how publishers can reject quality novels and pieces of writing (can we say HARRY POTTER - although it's not exactly New Yorker-pretentious quality) but allow these sorts of titles through.

So, to choose from my favorites:

"The Very Virile Viking": A Viking time-travels with his ten children to modern-day Hollywood, does some good old Headboard knocking (for real, I had never heard this song in my life, and I still haven't listened to it - I x-ed out of the window after copying the URL for that hyperlink. Come on, Hurricane Chris? You think I'm actually going to listen to that?), and fails to realize he's no longer in Viking land for the good first half of the book.

"Sex, Lies, and Leprechauns": WHAT? Leprechauns? And sex? Lies I can understand, but I really am failing to see the connection between sex and leprechauns. Do leprechauns even have sex in order to spawn, theoretically speaking? CAN they have sex? Aren't all leprechauns male? And if not, why have I never seen a female leprechaun before? Why doesn't the Lucky Charms leprechaun (arguably the most eligible leprechaun bachelor around) have a girlfriend?

"Discreet Young Gentleman": This one isn't even about the title. It's about the COVER. I can't keep this to myself.

(via Evil Librarian Supervillain)

SO GOOD. Although it was better when I first saw the picture because I thought the large bearded man had his tongue sticking out, like a cobra about to devour its overly muscular prey.

PLEASE read the whole post on Evil Librarian Supervillain. It's so hilariously snarky.

(via Evil Librarian Supervillain through Go Fug Yourself)
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Willow Smith is awesome

I wonder how Will and Jada-Pinkett feel about being the birth parents and originators of a Smith Dynasty. Here's their 9-year-old daughter's first single. She is NINE. I mean, I know that the producer probably had a heavy hand in this release, but let's be serious: this tops Lil' Wayne's creepy "Weezy" laugh any day.