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Do grocery stores ever actually carry fresh peas? Who uses fresh peas for cooking?
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White collar criminals

A thought:

Why do some white collar criminals get sentenced to more than 100 years behind bars, while rapists sometimes get mere months in prison? I know that the most aggravating of white collar criminals conned people out of millions of dollars, and I'm not saying their sentences should necessarily be reduced. But isn't raping someone worth more than a few months and some community service? People who bring white collar criminals to court have enough money to hire the big-shot, celebrity-status lawyers, while the people that are most often victims of rape or attempted murder don't have that luxury and end up with, arguably, a comparably weak version of justice.
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Chicago soft drink and candy taxes

Chicago has ridiculous taxes already. I don't know the exact numbers for its current tax situation, but back in '09, the city had a tax rate of around 10.25% for general merchandise. So if you bought $100 worth of clothes at the North Face store on Michigan Ave, you'd pay $110. And if you and your significant other got two 20-course meals at Alinea, you'd end up paying minimum $40 in taxes, not including wine (of course, if you can afford Alinea, you probably don't care that much about the taxes). Thankfully, for pre-'09 sugar-dependent residents of Chicago, candy and soft drink taxes were always taxed at the grocery rate of about 2.25% in the city.

NOT ANYMORE. Now if you want to buy a $1.00 Hershey's Bar, it costs you $1.10 as opposed to $1.02. YEAH. You heard me. 10% TAX ON YOUR CANDY. Also, 10% tax on your 7-Up. And Coke. And Sunkist. But, if you're a Twix lover, no worries. Your candy has flour in it, so it doesn't count under the candy tax. You only have to pay $1.02 while your poor Hershey's-loving friend has to pay almost 10 cents more! You can buy 11 Twix for your friend's 10 Baby Ruths!

Doesn't living in the city look like so much fun?

(via Redeye)
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Battle Farmer's Market

"Oh ho ho ho I'm Bobby Flay and I'm taking part in the stupidest Iron Chef America episode that has ever been created: Battle Anything-You-Can-Find-In-Probably-The-Most-Extensive-Vegetable-Garden-That-Exists-In-America. Also known as Battle Farmer's Market, where all products were picked from the White House garden. Oh, isn't that the home of the President of the United States? Yes, it is. Also I will be provided with any kind of protein product available in the 48 contiguous states."

Mario Batali and Enrique Iglesias Emeril did this one too,

definitely was trying to think of Emeril's name, but I just watched Enrique's "Tonight" video, and his name was the only "E" name I could think of for a good 30 seconds

but I dislike Bobby Flay the most. Bobby Flay, you think you're so cool and such a great chef, battling chefs across America and trying to defeat their time-honored signature dishes with some stupid Bobby Flay version of beignets or slow cooked ribs or whatever it is you happen to be challenging that day. And when you win, you pretend to be all gracious and modest, but really, I know you're reveling that you won something in a couple of hours that took years for your challenger to perfect. Also, no one likes Southwestern food that much. Ancho chile peppers are not an integral part of one's diet.

This rant will never affect Bobby Flay, even in the passing possibility that he even reads this post ever, because he has an iron wall of smugness:

(via BuddyTV)