Battle Farmer's Market

"Oh ho ho ho I'm Bobby Flay and I'm taking part in the stupidest Iron Chef America episode that has ever been created: Battle Anything-You-Can-Find-In-Probably-The-Most-Extensive-Vegetable-Garden-That-Exists-In-America. Also known as Battle Farmer's Market, where all products were picked from the White House garden. Oh, isn't that the home of the President of the United States? Yes, it is. Also I will be provided with any kind of protein product available in the 48 contiguous states."

Mario Batali and Enrique Iglesias Emeril did this one too,

definitely was trying to think of Emeril's name, but I just watched Enrique's "Tonight" video, and his name was the only "E" name I could think of for a good 30 seconds

but I dislike Bobby Flay the most. Bobby Flay, you think you're so cool and such a great chef, battling chefs across America and trying to defeat their time-honored signature dishes with some stupid Bobby Flay version of beignets or slow cooked ribs or whatever it is you happen to be challenging that day. And when you win, you pretend to be all gracious and modest, but really, I know you're reveling that you won something in a couple of hours that took years for your challenger to perfect. Also, no one likes Southwestern food that much. Ancho chile peppers are not an integral part of one's diet.

This rant will never affect Bobby Flay, even in the passing possibility that he even reads this post ever, because he has an iron wall of smugness:

(via BuddyTV)



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