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Young boy dancing to Asian pop music

A while back, I watched a video on Youtube of a small, chubby Asian boy dancing all the steps to Wonder Girls' "Nobody", complete with twee Asian girl attitude and "dance" moves. If you haven't seen it yet, it's worth watching below.

Now that you've gotten your daily dose of celebration of sexual identity (did you catch his bad girl snap at 1:30 and his tummy rubs at 1:36?), prepare yourself for more. 


Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the SAME KID?!

Now, if this boy were to grow up to be immensely cool and popular, one could imagine him showing the first clip to college friends without permanently besmirching his social status. A long shot maybe, with those spaghetti straps purposely pulled past his shoulders, but not impossible. But when your mom/sister/cousin/other female friend videotapes you happily performing yet another video in shortie-shorts, a black bra and a cut-up white tank top? Well then, my friend, I'm not betting my money on your becoming high school prom king. While his dance skills are above and beyond what should be expected of a child as young as he, society, alas, does not embrace his prowess.
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137 days of Happy Meals

Ever wondered what a Happy Meal hamburger and fries looks like after sitting out for 137 days?

Exactly the same as the day it was born.

Watch the slideshow at Refinery29.
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Concealed carry

Did you know that in three states, residents over the age of 21 are eligible for concealed carry of their guns/weapons without a permit?! WITHOUT. A PERMIT. OR a license. Surprisingly, Texas isn't one of these three states (although I hear that it's pretty easy to obtain a permit down there). Rather, the three states are Alaska (where there are very few people, but plenty of moose, so I guess it's not the worst thing in the world. But on that note, why would you need to conceal your weapon from the local elk population? Are they that smart?), Arizona (I don't want to think about the implications of that coupled with the recent spats over illegal immigration), and Vermont. Vermont, you say? I thought that state was full of suburbs, you say? YES. I KNOW. I did too. But apparently the whole movement towards deregulating gun laws started in Vermont.

This wouldn't be as big of a deal to me if I hadn't found out that these three states also do not require a permit/license to purchase firearms. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT. So you could just be walking around in the middle of Middlebury, VT, and EVERYONE AROUND YOU OF LEGAL DRINKING AGE COULD HAVE A GUN DOWN THEIR PANT LEG.

And speaking of permits and licenses to purchase, PLENTY of states do not require this sort of paperwork or identification to purchase a gun. This also scares me. I am just glad that the state in which I reside at least does not participate in this unrestricted concealed carry phenomenon. It makes me feel just a little bit safer knowing that the people around me are not legally allowed to stash Glocks in their suit pockets.

(via Wikipedia and The Arizona Republic)
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Laser Munnys

I have an unabashed weakness for Kidrobot, the producer and seller of expensive designer toys such as Labbits, Dunnys, and Munnys. Munnys, in particular, are blank DIY vinyl toys, which consumers buy at about $25 a pop (for the average-size 7-inch version). They usually come in white, so it gives buyers a blank canvas to paint, cut, color, or otherwise mutilate for their own pleasure.

A basic out-of-box Munny figurine with miscellaneous, blind-box, customizable items (via Kidrobot)

Doesn't look like fun? Think again. Take a look at what some artists have made:

(Best in Show, mini MUNNY Mobile Contest 2007, via Kidrobot Munnyworld)

Nananananananana BATMAN!!!!

As cool as Batman is, however, wouldn't it be so much more awesome to have a $625, laser shooting, custom Munny on display in your room?

(via Kidrobot)

If X-Men's Cyclops came in Munny form, he would be reincarnated as this. LASERS. It has LASERS!
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Sebastien Tellier/Evgeni Plushenko on EUROVISION?!

I was listening to Sebastien Tellier's "Look" while researching his older albums on Wikipedia, when I stumbled across a sentence that interested me greatly:

On 7 March 2008, it was announced by Bruno Berberes, head of EBU delegation in France, that Tellier would represent France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

WHAT?! Sebastien Tellier was on EUROVISION?! THE Eurovision, the one of dancing Moldovan saxophonist fame? So, naturally, I had to watch. It was campy, strange, and completely worth the 3:07 minutes of my night.

In the comments section, someone mentioned an ice skater in the Russian 2008 Eurovision entry, and I couldn't possibly miss out on watching that. So I did. Dima Bilan, the singer, did not seem particularly talented or interesting (his voice most certainly did not seem to merit his Eurovision 2008 victory), but when I fast-forwarded to the ice skating part of his number, I was shocked to see EVGENI PLUSHENKO, the 2006 Olympic gold medalist and 2002/2010 Olympic silver medalist in figure skating. THE Plushenko, who wore a sequined glitter faux-vest as part of his skating costume design in 2010 and is a 3-time figure skating world champion. Watch here.

What was most amusing about his performance was not necessarily that he was actually AT Eurovision (that was more baffling than amusing), but that he was skating on a VERY tiny ice circle around the violinist and singer. When I say tiny, I mean TINY. Definitely no room for triple axels or toe loops, and barely enough room for his arms to spread out without knocking the violinist in the head. The whole scene was reminiscent of a flamboyant, expensive European merry-go-round.

(via Daniel Aragay through Wikipedia)

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Denny's "Fried Cheese Melt"

In the wake of KFC's infamous "Double Down" sandwich, it seems as if fast food restaurants have jumped on the anti-diet bandwagon and have begun marketing foods chock-full of saturated fats and cholesterol. Not wanting to be left behind, Denny's newest menu offering is the "Fried Cheese Melt", a sourdough grilled American cheese sandwich that adds fried mozzarella sticks into the mix. Here's a picture to show you exactly what this would look like.

(via Consumerist)

Not only does this plate include cheese wrapped around fried cheese, it ups the ante by throwing a generous serving of fries at you as well. Arteries around America are clogging as we speak.

(via Consumerist)
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Truly customized IKEA furniture

The Swedish furniture name generator. I am a bottom-heavy particleboard kitchen chair named SӒMMII.

(via Blogadilla)
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First, Littlefoot's Brontosaurus ancestry was banished from my childhood dreams by well-meaning scientists, who discovered that Brontosaurus excelsius never existed, and that the genus was just an incorrectly-identified Apatosaurus all along. Now, scientists are at it again: they're looking to get rid of Cera as well!

Researchers at the Museum of the Rockies (in Montana) now claim that, as Triceratops aged, their frills smoothed down to resemble the skull of a Torosaurus, and their skulls became thinner in the same areas at which Torosaurus fossils show two holes. These similarities, as well as other related research (such as the fact that no young Torosaurus fossils have ever been found), have led them to believe that Triceratops are actually merely younger Torosaurus, and not a completely separate genus. I don't know which name they're going to pick now that they've combined the two; I think Triceratops is the frontrunner for the genus name because of historical priority (meaning Cera's family tree actually would NOT be killed), but we will see if this becomes the case in the future.

For comparison purposes:

(via Nobu Tamura through Wikipedia)

(via Nobu Tamura through Wikipedia)

In addition to these disappointing revelations (for me, not for the paleontology world), after some Googling, I found out that Apatosaurus, Brontosaurus, Torosaurus, and Triceratops were all discovered and named by the SAME PALEONTOLOGIST: Othniel Charles Marsh (Othniel?), one of the "pre-eminent paleontologists of the 19th century". Although differentiating dinosaur bones must have been infinitely harder in the 19th century than in present times (which is why I won't harp on these "mistakes" that he seems to have made), finding out something like this must be heartbreaking for all those die-hard Othniel fans out there.

(via Gizmodo)
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I was linked this video by a friend. THIS VIDEO IS AWESOME. If The Most Interesting Man In The World was partaking in Kingfisher beer ("The World's No.1 Selling Indian Beer!") in a parallel dimension instead of swigging Mexican brews in commercials of this universe, the guy in this video would be him. After some research, I found out that the video comes from the Indian film Sivaji (thanks to NY Mag). From Wikipedia:

The movie revolves around a well-established software systems architect, Sivaji, who returns home to India after finishing work in the United States. On his return, he dreams of giving back to society with free medical treatment and education. However his plans face a roadblock in the form of the highly affluent and influential businessman, Adiseshan. When corruption also arises, Sivaji is left with no option but to fight the system in his own way.

After reading the synopsis on Wikipedia, I still don't know where this intense fight scene comes into play; Sivaji seems to mostly be bribing corrupt officials and uncovering money laundering scandals throughout the movie. I'm sure, however, that somewhere along the way, Sivaji the Software Systems Architect reveals the secret gun-wielding and hip-thrusting prowess that we see in this video.

(via Today's Big Thing)