Young boy dancing to Asian pop music

A while back, I watched a video on Youtube of a small, chubby Asian boy dancing all the steps to Wonder Girls' "Nobody", complete with twee Asian girl attitude and "dance" moves. If you haven't seen it yet, it's worth watching below.

Now that you've gotten your daily dose of celebration of sexual identity (did you catch his bad girl snap at 1:30 and his tummy rubs at 1:36?), prepare yourself for more. 


Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the SAME KID?!

Now, if this boy were to grow up to be immensely cool and popular, one could imagine him showing the first clip to college friends without permanently besmirching his social status. A long shot maybe, with those spaghetti straps purposely pulled past his shoulders, but not impossible. But when your mom/sister/cousin/other female friend videotapes you happily performing yet another video in shortie-shorts, a black bra and a cut-up white tank top? Well then, my friend, I'm not betting my money on your becoming high school prom king. While his dance skills are above and beyond what should be expected of a child as young as he, society, alas, does not embrace his prowess.


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