Laser Munnys

I have an unabashed weakness for Kidrobot, the producer and seller of expensive designer toys such as Labbits, Dunnys, and Munnys. Munnys, in particular, are blank DIY vinyl toys, which consumers buy at about $25 a pop (for the average-size 7-inch version). They usually come in white, so it gives buyers a blank canvas to paint, cut, color, or otherwise mutilate for their own pleasure.

A basic out-of-box Munny figurine with miscellaneous, blind-box, customizable items (via Kidrobot)

Doesn't look like fun? Think again. Take a look at what some artists have made:

(Best in Show, mini MUNNY Mobile Contest 2007, via Kidrobot Munnyworld)

Nananananananana BATMAN!!!!

As cool as Batman is, however, wouldn't it be so much more awesome to have a $625, laser shooting, custom Munny on display in your room?

(via Kidrobot)

If X-Men's Cyclops came in Munny form, he would be reincarnated as this. LASERS. It has LASERS!


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