Helena Bonham Carter in Maxim

I remember I had looked up Helena Bonham Carter's crazy on Google Images before, and I definitely remember seeing some strangely "hot girl" pictures of her in a corset. Totally disregarded it, until I realized today that THOSE PICTURES WERE FOR MAXIM.

Helena Bonham Carter, also known as Marla the junkie in Fight Club, Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd, the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, and Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter. All of which are roles which necessitate crazy.

In case you doubted the authenticity of her crazy, she dresses like this in real life. See BAFTA awards below, with her equally crazy husband Tim Norton.

I think she's great, actually, both in spite of and because of her crazy. BUT WHAT IS THIS. Maxim August 2001, you guys, that is what. SHE EVEN HAD THE COVER.

(via Maxim)

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I never thought I'd see the words "be a sex genius" next to a picture of Helena Bonham Carter. She's hot, sure, but it's HELENA BONHAM CARTER. I feel like there should be a maximum repelling force between her and Maxim, just by definition.

Incidentally, I have realized that I don't know how to refer to Helena Bonham Carter besides using her full three-word name. "Helena" doesn't work (sounds like the Greek goddess), nor "Bonham" (sounds like a British side alley street), nor "Carter" (reminds me of Lil' Wayne). HBC? Suggestions, please.


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