Point 1: Did you know that leopards aren't in the genus Leopardus? How counterintuitive. They're in the genus Panthera along with lions and tigers (and bears, oh my!) and jaguars. Which leads me to my second point...

Point 2: Panthers don't really exist. Jungle Book totally lied to me/us, because black panthers are just black versions of the big cats. So a black jaguar is a panther. A black leopard is a panther. And a black cougar (which isn't even in the Panthera genus, it's in the Puma genus, so that's dumb too) is, yes, a panther. And panthers don't even have to be BLACK - there are white panthers, and even just NORMAL COLORED PANTHERS (so a NORMAL COLORED LEOPARD CAN BE CALLED A PANTHER EVEN THOUGH IT'S JUST A LEOPARD), meaning that it's just a dumb name for a cat.

Point 3: Why don't black lions exist? And why is it so rare for a tiger to be melanistic? If all these cats (i.e. leopards and jaguars) are in the same genus, shouldn't lions and tigers just as easily be genetically melanistic/black?

Point 4: This is the real point i wanted to make. LOOK AT THIS SERVAL:

(via Wikipedia)


(via Wikipedia)


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