Sexy romance novel titles continued

I found my own "sexy romance novel titles" on the main page of Amazon ("Kindle eBooks"!)

"The Bite Before Christmas"?? CHRISTMAS THEMED VAMPIRES. Author Heidi Betts has compiled a slew of "holiday themed novellas". How about "All I Vant for Christmas" (because all vampires have a faux-Transylvanian accent)? "A Vampire in Her Stocking"? Or, if you're feeling peckish, "It's a Wonderful Bite"? THREE STORIES IN ONE BOOK, YOU GUYS.

Of course, this led me to follow the breadcrumb path down "Customers who bought this item also bought"...

OK, so this book has a "ghost shrink", an "accidental gigolo", and a "poltergeist accountant".I don't even know what to make of those three characters, especially when they are so blatantly yet confusingly juxtaposed. Why are they ghosts? Why is only the gigolo not a ghost (actually, I think I know why)? From the description:
It’s bad enough to be sexually frustrated. But as a medium, it means until Lucy Cartwright gets some, she’s doomed. Oh no, not to death. Worse. To nightly visitations by recently deceased, wanna-be Cassanovas without the bodies to back it up. Then a living, breathing fantasy arrives on her doorstep, and Lucy thinks her dry spell is at an end.
WHAT?! Also, "Casanova" is spelled wrong. Giacomo would be ashamed.

And THEN, of course, I had to read the comments and see what other masterpieces Vivi Andrews has produced. And she DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

AMAZING. And, as you can see, ALL OF THEM ARE AVAILABLE ON KINDLE. So get on it.

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