Alyssa Thomas on terror watch list

Ok, so the title sounds innocuous enough. A seemingly innocent individual was discovered to be on the terror watch list, and was made to go through extra security measures before she was allowed to fly from Cleveland to Minneapolis. Seems routine, until you discover that Alyssa Thomas, an Ohio girl of Indian heritage, is actually 6 YEARS OLD.

The family was told to contact Homeland Security to clear things up with them, but the government has sent back a letter, addressed to Alyssa (who is, again, 6 YEARS OLD), that nothing in her file would be changed. Now, the no-fly, terror watch list is meant to protect Americans from people who have known or suspected ties to terrorism, so that they won't fly and cause another airplane terror fiasco (obviously). But this girl IS 6 YEARS OLD. Come ON now. We have reports of underwear bombers and Times Square bombers being able to get on flights with little to no trouble, and the government wants to prevent a 6-year-old girl from flying to Minneapolis. Ridiculous.

(via AOL News)


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