Youtube's vuvuzela button

In honor of that never-ending droning heard at the World Cup 2010 games, Youtube has added a vuvuzela button at the bottom of some of their videos (from my research, it shows up not only on World Cup videos, but on some non-related videos as well). It pretty much does the opposite of what 99% of TV viewers want: instead of muting the vuvuzela sounds, it adds them to your video. All you have to do is press that little soccer ball on the right bottom corner, and you can feel like you're watching 30 Rock IN SOUTH AFRICA.

Edit: It looks like the button doesn't show up on externally embedded videos, so double click the video to watch in a separate window and try the button on Youtube's actual site. But I'm going to keep the video here regardless because I like this clip.

(via Techcrunch)


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