Spanx for Men!

They EXIST. MEN'S SHAPEWEAR. I was browsing Nordstrom online and I saw "Spanx for Men" featured on the top bar. Neiman Marcus was the only department store carrier of them until recently, which may be why I just noticed them (Neiman Marcus isn't usually the first online store I hit up when I'm window-shopping). The men's fashion director of Neiman Marcus, Nickelson Wooster, reportedly said,

"We are selling them as quickly as Spanx can make them... Men may not be talking about it, but they’re buying it." (NY Times)

For men, they pretty much work like the previously-sold women's Spanx: by sucking everything in and getting rid of any unsightly bulges (i.e. beer bellies). I don't think they sell garments for man-pooch quite yet, but you can definitely tell how tight these shirts are around the stomach by looking at the online models on Nordstrom.

(via Nordstrom)

This guy can thank his genetics and intense workout regimen for how little work this Spanx shirt actually has to do for him. But that thing is TIGHT; one can imagine how much these shirts really could suck in a flabby gut.

(via NY Times)


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