Street Cleaning Simulator

I've always wanted to drive a Zamboni. I never, however, have ever had any reason to want to drive a street cleaner. Regardless, someone thought it would be a genius idea to come up with a game called "Street Cleaning Simulator".


Gamespot rates it a 1.5 out of 10. That is how bad this game is. The point of the game is to clean up garbage on the street. Gamespot:

Missions range from "clean up some sand from the gutter" to "clean up some grass from the gutter" by way of "clean up some gravel from the gutter." This cleanup is achieved by driving really, really slowly in a mostly straight line. As soon as you've worked out whether a mission requires water or not (clue: the mayor tells you), it's down to business; drive to a location marked on the map, position the brush, crawl along really slowly.

But, you say, Flight Simulator can be fun! There are so many buttons and levers to keep track of in Flight Simulator! You fly over awesome cities and oceans! Doesn't Street Cleaning Simulator have the same features?

No. It really doesn't.

 (via Gamespot)

Really, just riveting.


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