Justin Bieber's going to North Korea

Well, maybe not. But if he doesn't want to back down on his promise, he's going to have to!

Silly Justin Bieber held a contest for his fans to vote on which country he would go to next on his world tour, without putting restrictions on which countries could be chosen. The website 4Chan encouraged people to vote for North Korea as a prank, and got 659,141 votes in the end, putting North Korea ahead of the second place finisher Israel by more than 30,000 votes. How do we know the votes are probably not indicative of the North Koreans' love for JB? Well, if you add up the highly restricted (i.e. denied) internet access for most of the country's citizens with the restricted media output in the nation, it doesn't look like many people in North Korea were very likely to be able to log on every 20 minutes to vote for the 16-year-old pop star. Even if Kim Jong-Il is a fanatical Justin Bieber lover, I still don't think that he would have been able to scrounge up more than 500,000 votes on his own time.

This is a little insensitive, if you think about the situation of the people actually in North Korea. But you kind of have to admit, it's pretty funny.

(via CBS News)

(via Faxo.com)


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