Ctrl + T

How could I have been alive for so long without knowing what ctrl + T does. This. Is. Amazing.

(picture via this blog)
^Wow. The url for this blog is fantasticbutterrainbow.blogspot.com.

Butter and rainbows are both fantastic. Maybe even butter on rainbows. Or rainbows made of butter. Like a Pop-Tarts commercial with butter-flavored filling. Only that sounds disgusting and not really fantastic at all.

Today's fact of the day (ctrl + T, not butter rainbows) was brought to you by The Daily Grace. Go watch her. She is funny. Also maybe 78% drunk all the time. I have learned almost nothing from her, except for what ctrl + T is. And even that was actually learned through Google, because I had to Google it after watching her to find out what it really did. So really not that informative, to be honest.


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