Francis Lam

There aren't many blogs that I enjoy reading purely for their written content.

There are plenty of monstrously informative blogs (Gizmodo for all its nerdy glory), pretty-picture-blogs (The Sartorialist, which is full of bicycles and cuffed pants and girls with cuffed pants riding bicycles), and, my favorite, food blogs (I spend most of my time looking at pictures of chocolate-covered bacon and homemade pistachio gelato). But there are very few blogs that consistently make me laugh. One of them, as this blog has hinted at, is Go Fug Yourself. Another is Hyperbole and a Half, of which the only flaw is extremely infrequent updates (something I'm actually guilty of myself, so now I'm just being judgy and hypocritical). And yet neither of these blogs talk about food. 

I'm realizing how utterly scary it would be to be a parent with Biscoff spread in the house. I mean, imagine being a kid and realizing that there is a jar of something that makes everything taste like cookies.

Thank you, Francis Lam, for giving me my laugh out loud moment of the day. From now on, I will carry little packages of Biscoff spread (yes, that would be the SPREADABLE VERSION OF DELTA COOKIES) in my purse to give to small children, who can then terrorize their parents with it. To the parents of the world, you are welcome. I promise I am not as creepy as this previous sentence may have made me out to be.

Read his awesome Salon column, Sacrificial Lam, here.

[edit] Boo, I just realized his most recent post was in April. Sigh.


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