Am I the only person out there who uses a computer with a TrackPoint?

File:Mouse pointing stick.jpeg

(via Wikipedia) This picture looks a little bit sexual. Sorry.

I don't have a trackpad on my computer. Instead, I have this rubber nub in the middle of my keyboard to control my cursor with.

When it works, I like it.

But mine is worn, and now has no more little nubbins on top of it, so it's REALLY hard sometimes to move my cursor. And then I end up writing "hhhhhhhhh" instead because the H is right next to my TrackPoint and I press it when my finger slips off the nub. Which is quite a lot. But I am too lazy to order a new one online.

[edit] "hhhhhhhhhh is not in your contacts." "hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - nothing found for that search." "search results for hhhhhhhhhh - no messages matched your search." "hhhhhh - friend not found." OMG WHEN WILL IT END.


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