Expensive lip balm

Let me preface this by saying that I can understand why some people dish out for expensive eye creams and face creams. I personally wouldn't pay hundreds of dollars for a tub of face cream, but for the wrinkle- and age-defying-obsessed, face-skin is often a pretty transparent indicator of age. But lip balm? That, my friends, is in my mind much more questionable.

Anyway, I was on the Bliss website today. Just for fun, seeing as how I'm not going to dish out the money to buy Bliss products unless they go on some super clearance-sale-extravaganza.

Case #1: $16 Bliss lip balm.

I don't know about you, but I kind of balk at paying any more than $5 (maximum) for a tube of lip balm, especially considering that I haven't finished an entire tube at any point in the past two years. A tiny tube of lip balm should not cost more than an entire bottle of body lotion. So I already thought $16 was pretty freaking expensive.

Case #2: $35 La Mer lip balm.

$35? For a "potent concentration of Miracle Broth™"? What in the world is Miracle Broth™? Diamond chicken bones? Platinum oxtails?


Case #3: $70 Sisley lip balm.

See, now I think they're just pushing up the price for fun. No way each pot of this lip balm costs $70 freaking dollars to make. Unless it contains something like saber-toothed cat semen extracted from glaciers made of mastodon tears. Which I don't think it does.

Brand reps, if you want to prove me wrong, I will gladly accept freebies. You are welcome.


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