Munchkin cats

On occasion, my friends contribute ideas for blog topics. Sleeping whales, for example. This is one of those occasions.

(via Munchkincats)

"But this is an adorable cat," you say. "Why are you posting pictures of cute animals? This is not cuteoverload. com. What do you think you're doing?"

What I am doing, my friends, is THIS.


PUSSCATS.COM? Excuse me while I snort coffee out of my nose like an immature fifth grader.

Also, this cat is essentially the opposite of a serval. Everything is perfectly proportional except for its teeny, teeny legs. If this cat were ever chased by a fox or other similar predator, it would be gouged open for suresies. Seriously, how fast does this thing run? Like 0.01 miles an hour?

And since we are now on the topic of animals with tiny legs, am I the only one who gets slightly depressed when I see dachshunds rolling around on hind-leg wheelchairs? I wonder if munchkin cats need to use wheelchairs when their backs give out too.


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