Radioactive wolves

Thanks to The Bloggess, I now know that there is a show (or a potential show, I'm not sure which) called "Radioactive Wolves". The link is here. And in case you are too lazy to click on the link, here is a screenshot of the video in the link.

Unfortunately, this video is underwhelming. Like, really underwhelming. Radioactive wolves just look like... wolves. No third eye, no horns, no Wolverine-X-Men-type-adamantium claws. NONE.

And these wolves don't even DO anything interesting. They just go about normal wolf-lives, living in abandoned Chernobyl factories and hunting radioactive beavers. Honestly, the only thing different about them is that they're radioactive. And while that might make for a great/horrifying study on the state of the world's wildlife today, it does not live up to the expectations of a TV show titled "Radioactive Wolves".

Speaking of wolverines, they're actually not scary-looking at all. You'd think they would look like small, vicious wolves, but they don't. They look like fox-beaver stuffed animals.

(picture via Wikipedia)
Seriously, what would we do without Wikipedia.


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