Stripper Academy and other ANTM stories

Apparently, that brunette is Katie Cleary from ANTM Season 1 (not that I know who she is, but you know. Whatever).

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I quote:
The owner of a high class strip club decides to recruit more beauties by co-founding the Stripper Academy. This sophisticated boot camp teaches dancers how to move and grove like the experienced pros. The academy will accept anyone, but only a few can make it to the top of the pole.

As one disappointed Amazon reviewer said, "It couldn't arouse anyone if it came with free Viagra". Poor Katie.

But it gets better. Remember blonde Amanda Swafford? I feel kind of bad now because I just remembered that she was the half-blind girl from Season 3, so I feel like I shouldn't call attention to her faltering modeling career.

Oh well.

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Felt it! Stitch it! Fabulous!

Sounds like Christian Siriano if he joined a knitting group at the age of 63. With Johnny Weir.


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