Things I hate

  1. I hate that you can't take emails back if you send them accidentally. Someone should really program a "retrieve" button for emails other than those in a closed business email system. I would, except I know nothing about programming.

  2. I hate when I drink tea and I have to pee three times more than usual. I especially hate it when I'm about to embark on a long road trip, but I really want some tea, and I drink it anyway. It's like knowingly signing my own death warrant.
  3. I hate when I go to the gym all ready to work out, and then I find out my iPod is out of battery because I forgot to charge it the night before, and then I have to work out for the entire hour pissed off and without music. I also hate it when I go to the gym and my iPod is working perfectly fine, but then I rip my stupid cheap headphones in half and I still can't listen to my music even though I have a functional iPod (granted, this only happened once).
  4. I hate when I lose something and I have to keep looking for it nonstop until I find it, because I know if I stop looking it will be gone forever and I will never see it again. Sort of like how cop shows say that there's a certain time frame within which a kidnapped person has to be found before the probability of finding them alive drops to almost zero. Except that my stuff is never kidnapped, it's just lost.
  5. I hate Bobby Flay.
  6. Update to #1: I also know absolutely nothing about HTML, as seen by my complete inability to fix a simple problem that I managed to mess up three hours ago. I hate HTML. Time to start learning how to do basic things like HTML so I don't waste another three hours of my future life redoing my dumb blog.


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