Dancing Asian boy revisited

The gift that keeps on giving is the best gift of all.

Remember this? I take back everything I said about him not being embraced by society and possibly feeling ashamed about his cross-dressing in his later years. I had no faith in him, and for that I apologize. Because TAIWAN LOVES HIM.

He was in a Jolin Tsai dancing contest. Judged by Jolin Tsai herself. Also, he was on multiple Taiwanese talk shows. He's FAMOUS in Taiwan now for his dancing. For reals.

I have been rendered speechless. There are so many videos of him. In one of them, he stripped off his shirt and did a sexy wave thing. I just watched one of him doing Christina Aguilera's "Express", the link for which is here. I would never post a video of myself in such a very short, very sequined dress, complete with fishnets. Conclusion: he has out-womaned me.

UPDATE: cat-eared wig dance.


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