Hamster shows

There are plenty of people who bring their dogs to dog shows, their cats to cat shows, and their horses to horse shows. But there exists as well a niche for those who only own hamsters: hamster shows. For $2 (if you are not a member and you are entering your hamster into a 'standard' class), you can enter your hamster into the California Hamster Association's hamster show, and you will receive a large rosette or medal if your hamster wins any of 8 standard categories, which include "Best In Show Dwarf" and "Best In Show Syrian". There are rules for showing: for instance, you have to have your award-winning hamster housed in a standard show pen to maintain anonymity in the judging process, and you have to have standard bedding for them as well. Of course, if you live in the UK, you don't have to be constrained by this US show; there are plenty of UK shows to choose from if you Google it.

If you're interested in entering your hamster into the CHA hamster show, their website is here. Alternatively, if you have a turtle that you would like to enter into a turtle show, you can enter the New York Turtle and Tortoise Society's annual show. Yes, there are turtle shows too.


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