Also known as UNDERWATER HOCKEY.  I didn't even know that was possible.

(via DavidUnderwater through Wikipedia)

Pretty much the goal of this game is to move the puck on the pool floor across the pool into a goal using the hockey sticks (those tiny protrusions in the hands of the guys in the picture). But the more surprising aspect of this sport is that it's been around since 1954, currently enjoys "great popularity in... the USA", and yet I have never heard of it. In addition, I'm sure it's very difficult to play (you have to refrain from breathing if you want a chance at the puck, so that's already pretty bad), but 'octopush'? That is not exactly conducive to a sport being taken seriously.

A big contributing factor, I think, to its relatively unknown status (at least to me) is that you can't WATCH it. It's all underwater, and the only way you could ever really watch it is 1. get in the water yourself or 2. be a spectator of a tournament big enough to warrant live underwater filming. The observational aspect of it is probably much worse than watching water polo, because although there is a lot of splashing going on in water polo, making it difficult to see exactly what is going on, at least the players are above the water's surface. When the object you're putting around is on the bottom of the pool, however, there's really no point in keeping your head above water for any extended period of time.


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