Rima Fakih, Miss USA 2010

The media really makes a big deal out of nothing sometimes. The media along with the uptight people at Miss USA. Miss Michigan Rima Fakih just won the Miss USA 2010 crown last night, and already "controversial" pictures are emerging of her dancing on a stripper pole for the 2007 "Stripper 101" contest held by a Detroit radio show. Never mind that she is completely clothed in the pictures, and the most scandalous thing that is shown in these pictures are dollar bills in her bra WHICH IS COVERED BY HER TANK TOP. Honestly, pageant representatives, the bikini pictures that you guys put up of your contestants are much more revealing than any of the pole pictures from the radio show website (definitely SFW). Apparently she might even lose the crown because of this nonsense (pageant reps declined to comment).

Now I'm not a proponent of pageants in general, but this "controversy" ISN'T EVEN CONTROVERSIAL. They can't even say that it's because young girls will follow in their example, because let's be honest, what young girl in America today looks up to Miss USA for guidance? I didn't even know the crowning of Miss USA was this weekend.

(via Celebuzz)


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