Such Tweet Sorrow

I've been following this for a couple of weeks now, but you have to check out Such Tweet Sorrow. It's pretty much the Romeo and Juliet story, condensed and modified for Twitter and the 21st century. Friar Lawrence is now Lawrence Friar, a reformed drug dealer who now sells weed to the kids that come to his bookstore. Before he met Juliet at her Sweet 16 party, Romeo was head over heels for Rosaline, a girl he met over XBox360 playing Call of Duty (and who never returned his message when he said they should meet up, leaving him heartbroken). Mercutio has been killed, but his Twitter is still up with links to Upload that Load, a photostream featuring his secret pictures of girls' boobs.

As of now, Romeo has been exiled, and Juliet is pining away as her dad plans to ship them off to Australia. There's a link to the story so far on the site if you want to catch up. The site's worth it just to go back and look at Romeo's fleeting relationship with Rosaline and to see Mercutio's "Tybalt is a penis" mask (it's relatively detailed, actually).


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