The last NASA space shuttle is launching May 31

On May 31, NASA is going to launch the last mission that a US space shuttle will go on in the foreseeable future. Now if we want astronauts in space, the Russians are going to take us instead, at least until private enterprises begin to take over the job.

In other news, LEGO is putting out a $99.99 set to commemorate the last shuttle launch. And this thing is LOADED. Not only does it have retractable landing gear, solar panels, a landing pad, a ground maintenance vehicle, but it also has a "detachable fuel tank and booster rockets"! When my brother had LEGOs, the biggest set he had was a Polar Expedition set with a plastic polar bear. But come on, detachable booster rockets?! No polar bear can mess with that.

What worries me, however, is the LEGO age suggestion of 16 years and older. What kind of people still play with LEGOs at 16 years of age?

(via LEGO)


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