Hipster food round-up

Flavorwire has put together an entertaining list of "hipster" foods for their fictional Hipster Cookbook Table of Contents. It includes Appetizers ("Things you can wrap in bacon", "PBR-battered tofu"), Entrees ("Organic, free-range, locally-sourced meats you can eat raw"), and desserts ("Artisanal ice cream: Who wants vanilla when you could have lime-basil-chili pepper?"). But my favorite category is Brunch: Because breakfast is too early. A sampling:

Yogurt: The expensive, foreign, unsweetened kind. Try spelling it “yoghurt”
Oatmeal: The chunky, Irish kind that takes two hours to make. Hey, it’s not like you have a job to worry about
Huevos rancheros: Mexican food makes you sound gritty and cultured at the same time
Grits: An easy way to convince people you’ve been to the South
The high-end Egg McMuffin: All the blue-collar street cred, none of the indigestion

You know they're talking about Greek yogurt and steel-cut oats. See more here. (via Flavorwire)

(photo via Bart Lacks through Wikipedia)


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