Law and Order/Heroes CANCELLED

I guess neither one is really big news. I never watched Heroes anyways, and from what I've heard, the last couple of seasons have been a bust. And does anyone ever know if the episode of L&O they're watching is actually new? From my experience, Law and Order seems like a bunch of re-runs all the time anyways, so the future lack of new episodes doesn't really affect my perception of the show that much.

In AWESOME news, Chuck has been renewed! WATCH IT on Hulu/NBC if you haven't. It's funny mixed with 007, mixed with a leading man who reminds me of Zach Braff/Jim Halpert, mixed with a smoking hot blonde Yvonne Strahovski, a bumbling bearded best friend, and a burly yet surprisingly lovable NSA agent.

The adorable Zachary Levi, also known as Chuck (via watchwithkristin through Wikipedia)


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